KJ Ellington, Pastor

KJ was born in Germany, and spent most of his youth in North Carolina.  He came to his personal faith in Christ at a young age.  After high school, he married Sharon, attended Fruitland Baptist Bible Insitute, and graduated with an Associates Degree.  After graduation from Fruitland, he served as interim pastor at Concord Baptist Church while serving as a deputy with the Granville County Sheriff’s Office.  He felt the pull towards Montana since he was a teen, and God confirmed his call to Montana during a mission trip in 2005.  KJ came to Jordan Community Bible Church at the age of 26 and has been the pastor since 2006.  He is currently taking classes online through Leavell College at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary working on his bachelors degree. God has given him a heart for small churches that often have a hard time attracting pastors due to their size and location.