New Here?

Hi!  Thank you for taking time to learn more about Jordan Community Bible Church in Jordan, Montana.  Here is a little bit of information that might help you when you visit us.

We have one worship service a week.  It is held on Sunday morning at 11am.  We have a potluck every Sunday, so please plan to stay and eat so we can get to know you better.  And don’t feel like you have to bring anything if you are visiting, we would love to feed you!

We do not currently have a nursery during worship, but we have lots of kids, so please, bring the whole family.

We have four Sunday school classes: Pre-school (potty trained) to 2nd grade, Third Grade to 5th Grade, 6th Grade to adult, and an adult class.  These start at 10am on Sunday morning.

We have two Bible studies held on Monday evening at 5pm.  The Men’s study is held in the back of the church, and women’s study in the sanctuary.  The kids play in the basement during study.  We also have a meal after Bible study, and you are welcome to stay.

We do have a youth group led by Jake Stroh that meets in the Church after our potluck meal on Sundays.

Feel free to send us a message using our “Contact us” page to let us know when you are planning to visit, and any questions you may have.

*Featured Photograph taken in Garfield County by Something Blue Photography, Stem, NC